All members of DISA will receive the following benefits:

Membership Criteria

Membership of DISA is open to any person who is responsible for, or contributes to, the implementation of defence industry security requirements, or who is employed by an organisation carrying out work for, or on behalf of, HM Government and which is classified at SECRET or above.

Membership of DISA is personal to the member. On departure from a defence contractor security appointment, membership ceases and cannot be assumed by either the company or another individual.

The primary benefit of membership of DISA is the opportunity to share experiences and learn from other Security Controllers and like minded individuals. In addition DISA provides collective representation of its members to various official bodies and associated Government agencies.

How to Join

To apply for membership of the DISA please send a completed application form to the DISA Administration Office.

Membership costs £85.00 per annum (plus an initial £50.00 administration fee) and is charged on a pro-rata basis. The membership year runs from January to December.

An invoice will be sent out upon approval of application therefore please do not send any payment with your application.

Upon receipt of payment a 'New Member' pack will be issued containing a badge, website access details and other useful information.

For further information please contact