The Defence Industry Security Association

The Defence Industry Security Association (formerly the Guild of Security Controllers) has been in existence since 1963. During that time it has seen many changes both internally, not least its name change in July 2003.

The Defence Industry Security Association (DISA) grew from the need to have a corporate body able to advise, guide and comment on security matters for organisations working with Her Majesty’s Government, the Ministry of Defence and their subcontractors.

The membership is drawn from individuals responsible for advising management on the implications and contractual obligations required by contracts involving Classification /Classified Material , and education of company personnel on security procedures and practices.

DISA provides an invaluable medium for communication between its members and likewise with Government Agencies. With the development of international links, DISA strengthens the co-operation and understanding between companies involved in international projects.

More information on how to become a member of the DISA can be found here.

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